Tradeano Exchange (TRAD)

Tradeano is the First Centralized Trading Platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Tokenomics is an economic model based on a token or coin project. The main aspects of tokenomics are: how the token is handed out in the market, how it is dispersed in the long term, and the token's use cases. To reduce token inflation, some tokenomics may also have to do with the "burning" of tokens. The subject of Tokenomics is vast and ever-expanding as token projects find new and more efficient ways to grow.

Our TRADEANO EXCHANGE TOKEN (TRAD) is based on the BSC network. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain system put in place by Binance, a cryptocurrency trading forum. BSC is intended to provide elevated facilities for decentralized trading, dApp development, blockchain interconnectivity, and endorsement for smart contracts and other DeFi products. BSC was announced in April 2019 and went live on the mainnet in September 2020. The Binance community had the idea to build a cross-chain system where users could stand to gain from the Binance Chain's high throughput and BSC's smart contract suitability.

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