Full Compatibility with Other Blockchains

BSC is a double framework that enables many DeFi universe features, such as asset swaps between blockchains and full smart contract support. Consider BSC to be a supplement to the BC network.

The fact that BSC is fully programmable and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine —EVM— makes it an appealing option for developers. This enables developers to migrate projects from ETH to BSC. BSC has direct connections to the many Ethereum tools and dApps, such as MetaMask, by implementing the EVM.

BSC makes use of interoperability so that users can swap out a few network assets. Anyone can exchange their BEP-2 — a technical standard for the finance chain — and BEP-8 — a low-cost project for small projects — for BEP-20, which is a BSC's token standard via Binance DEX or through Trust Wallet.

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